Women from Iran and Rojhilat make animated movie for the Green Left Party

Women from Iran and Rojhilat made an animated movie to promote the Green Left Party ahead of the elections in Turkey.

Women and artists from Iran and Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) produced an animated film to support the Party of Greens and the Left Future (Green Left Party) ahead of the May 14 elections in Turkey.

The animated film shows a woman born from the leaf of a tree, walking among women chanting the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" (Woman, Life, Freedom) with a purple flag in her hand. Protesting the Iranian state with ululations, the woman runs towards the tree as its leaves grow green. The tree, greened by the woman as she walks, then turns into the logo of the Green Left Party.

The end of the animated film gives the message "Em rêhavalê Jîna Emini (We are Mahsa Amini’s comrades)".