Turkish state establishes a new base in Amadiya

Turkey continues to expand its military presence in the Kurdistan region of Iraq more than ever in recent years and has established a new military base in the Amadiya region.

According to a RojNews report based on local sources, Turkish occupying forces moved towards Mount Gamnêrik in Amadiya district of Dohuk on Wednesday, February 28, at night.

It was reported that the invaders took up positions on the Baroxî hill in Kanî Masî town of Amadiya.

The same sources stated that the occupying Turkish army started to build a new military base in the area.

RojNews reported that they have also obtained footage showing Turkish occupation forces heading towards Mount Gamnêrik with a large number of tanks and military vehicles on the road to Rafîne village.

The Turkish state, with the approval and support of the KDP forces, has gone 40 kilometers deep into the Kurdistan Region. The number of military bases, which were limited in the 1990s, has increased exponentially in recent years. Dozens of military bases, intelligence centers and military points have been established by the Turkish state in the region.

The main victims of the Turkish state's occupation attacks continue to be civilians. Hundreds of people have been massacred in recent years.  The governments in Baghdad and Hewlêr (Erbil) continue to turn a blind eye to the attacks.