TJK-E calls for participation in mass demonstrations on 8 October

As the anniversary of the international conspiracy against Öcalan approaches, the TJK-E called for participation in the mass demonstrations to be held all over Europe on 8 October under the slogan "Freedom of Öcalan is our freedom".

In a written statement, the TJK-E emphasized that the best answer to the conspiracy on its 25th anniversary is to bring the glorious resistance to a conclusion and to ensure the physical freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, adding that “it is time to achieve the success that the millions of protestors shouting the slogan 'Jin jiyan, azadi' (Woman, Life, Freedom) are seeking”.

The TJK-E statement said: “We are entering the 25th year of the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people in the person of Öcalan. We praise once again Öcalan, who has been carrying out a struggle against the 'conspiracy of the century', and respectfully commemorate our martyrs who immolated themselves with the slogan "You cannot darken our sun" against the conspiracy. We greet our people and friends who are passionate about freedom, struggling to protect their identity, honour and existence against all physical, political and cultural genocide practices of the enemy.


The conspiracy was foiled by our leader's struggle, his paradigm, the Freedom Movement and the resistance of our people, but securing Öcalan’s physical freedom remains to be a duty for us to perform. The pressures in the Imrali torture system, introduced by the conspiratorial forces with a special practice, have reached unprecedented levels. As our leader, about whom we have not received any news for 19 months, keeps resisting, the crackdown on him increases. They want to cut off his physical connection with the public and the world and prevent his thoughts and perspectives from being debated within society, and thus avoid a new social formation. The reason is that the fascist Turkish state does not allow Öcalan to enjoy his "right of hope" recommended by the Council of Europe under the pretext of "disciplinary punishment".


Most recently, media outlets reported that the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) visited the Imrali prison. The CPT, which is content only with monitoring the torture system that has been increasing for 25 years, should now play its proper role. Visiting the prison and making statements will not satisfy the Kurdish people and public opinion. The CPT should take a stand against the torturous isolation system inside the prison and introduce sanctions against the Turkish state.


It should be known that Öcalan’s connection with the Kurdish people, women, and all segments of society can no longer be broken. No wall can block the passion for freedom promoted by peoples and women. Öcalan's thoughts and democratic ecological women's emancipation paradigm have now spread all over the world. This resistance represents the will to stand against the Kurdish genocide that has been going on for a century now. It is the resistance of all oppressed groups and women whose rights have been violated throughout history.


This is not just resistance, but also the will, power and organization to build a new system. During their 25th year of struggle against the international conspiracy, the Kurdish people not only preserved the existence of women, but also introduced an organized emancipative social model that inspired the peoples and women of the world. As can be seen in the protests that started after the murder of Mahsa (Jîna) Amini, the slogan 'Jin jiyan azadi' represents the 21st century women's freedom struggle and has become a motto for all women who revolt and struggle.

“Wherever I am, wherever I live, I will fight until the end for the society I belong to, for the Kurds, for the Democratic Union of Nations, which is the solution and liberation path for all the peoples of the Middle East and the peoples of the world. I will defend the truth with my personality, build a life and share it with everyone,” Öcalan once said. History and glorious resistance have shown that this truth has already triumphed, that the conspirators have been defeated.


As we enter the third year of the 'Dem dema azadiye' campaign launched by the Kurdish Freedom Movement, an important struggle experience has been revealed, but the dangers posed by the conspiracy have not been eliminated completely. Currently, political prisoners are resisting in Turkey’s prisons. Turkey keeps 80-year-old grandparents in prisons to take revenge on people and prisoners are killed. Freedom guerrillas in Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna are resisting relentlessly. There is an unprecedented sacrifice against chemical weapons, tactical nuclear weapons. The fascist Turkish state wants to bring the concept of purge and annihilation to a conclusion on the 100th anniversary of its republic founded on the annihilation of peoples. The best response to the conspiracy on its 25th anniversary should be to bring this glorious resistance to a conclusion and to secure the physical freedom of Öcalan.


It is time to mobilize for the freedom of Öcalan, to protect the resisting guerrillas, and to be worthy of the memories of those who sacrificed themselves by saying, "You cannot darken our sun". It is time to achieve the success that the millions of protestors shouting the slogan 'Jin jiyan, azadi' are seeking.

Therefore, we call on our people and Kurdish women living in Europe to take to the streets by saying "The Freedom of the Leader is Our Freedom" on the anniversary of the international conspiracy, and to join the demonstrations that will be held under the leadership of the European Kurdish Women's Movement on Saturday, 8 October."