TJA: Women will weave a democratic nation

TJA made a statement marking the 6th anniversary of its establishment and said, "We women will weave a democratic nation with the perspective of the 'third way'."

The Free Women’s Movement (Tevgera Jinên Azad, TJA) made a written statement marking the 6th anniversary of its establishment, saying the following;

“Our history is one of resistance. This resistance, this fight, where the unheard yells as though deafeningly, where the untold becomes the truth and stands before us, is intertwined with the labor and lives of women such as Lilith in Goddess Land, Ekin Wan in Varto, Zarife in Dersim, Mother Taybet in Silopi, Beritan in Lelikan, missing women in Şengal and Afrin, and Sakine in the Amed dungeon…”


The TJA statement continued;

"Among the greatest triumphs of our struggle is our refusal to bow before oppression and intimidation policies. The Kurdish women's movement lifted the veil of genocide and assimilation imposed under the name of State of Emergency on November 20, 2016, and set out with the call of the DBP Women's Assembly with the motto "Em li Hemberi Darbeyan Tekoşina Xwe Bi Rexistin Dikin (We Are Organizing Our Struggle Against Coups)". It took its place in the historical women's struggle this time under the name of TJA, with the move to reorganize with the participation of many valuable women from Kurdistan, Turkey and the world women's organizations.

The struggle of the Kurdish women, who are wanted overthrown, silenced and invisible by the monistic patriarchal mentality, is growing with the honorable legacy of women's resistance inherited by TJA. Women, who have been the most vigorous pioneers of resistance and social transformation throughout colonial history, have also been the dominant force of the social fight as the builder of solidarity and commal life in the face of the power-domination tyranny. State civilization, by stealing and destroying moral-political laws that are core to a society, damaged women's history and assured the continuation of the male-dominant existence.

Still, women refused to accept the 'female identity' that was imposed on them and continued the struggle in many ways and with methods as the 'first revolution of the oldest colony.' Women have fought for their most basic civil rights in all spheres of life, from the streets to prisons, from factories to fields, from schools to assemblies, against all forms of brutality, inequality, and disregard against their existence. Even though they have been exposed to repeated attacks by the male-dominated state, the rights that women have achieved throughout the history of resistance endure with the strength and solidarity they have gained through the history of struggle.

Today, when forms of violence such as harassment, rape, and abuse have become systematized and transformed into femicide, the AKP-MHP fascist bloc's sexist policies have escalated this massacre and turned it into a social menace. Women's institutions were shut down, women's will was seized through trustees, and every woman politician involved in the women's freedom movement was threatened with ten-year prison sentences. This policy of intimidation stems from the male-dominated state's fear of women, as well as the fact that women represent a key dynamic in sociopolitical transition. The government, which attacks women from multiple directions, with health policies that interfere with women's bodily autonomies, the education system that deepens gender inequality, and religious fatwas that make women into targets, has faced the resistance of women’s solidarity that does not leave the streets for a moment.

The male-dominant state mentality, which transformed many methods of attack and oppression into a concept of special war with tyranny in the territory of Kurdistan, chose ways such as arrest, detention and terrorizing when they could not get results in the face of the historic struggle of the free women's movement.

The fact that they have tried numerous times but have always failed demonstrates that their thrones, which they have built on the denial of the truth, will undoubtedly fall. As women who seek truth and freedom in the history of resistance, we once again remind the male-dominated mind on the 5th anniversary of TJA's self-declaration: Women will triumph. The Kurds, like all oppressed peoples, will win. We women will weave a democratic nation with the 'third-way' perspective. Free co- life is not a choice; it will become the standard way of life in society as a result of our resistance. In prisons, streets, houses, mountains, and plains, the desire of women all around the world fighting for a free existence will triumph. Our fight will triumph. Bijî tekoşîna jinên azad, jin jiyan azadi!”