TAJÊ: We will build an autonomous Shengal

In a statement on the anniversary of the 2014 mass slaughter, TAJÊ said that “Öcalan's guerrillas came to help the Yazidi people during the massacre. We will build Shengal's autonomy through our organization and determination.”

The Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) released a statement to mark the 8th anniversary of the mass slaughter suffered by the Kurdish Yazidi community in Shengal (Sinjar) city in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on August 3, 2014.

“We commemorate all victims with respect and gratitude on the 8th anniversary of the massacre in 2014. We respectfully commemorate all freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the defence of the Yazidi people and the holy lands against ISIS,” the statement said.

The statement by TAJÊ further includes the following:

“During the 2014 massacre, a crime against humanity was committed by ISIS against the Yazidi people in Shengal. A massacre was carried out in the sight of the whole world while the international community remained silent. Iraqi security forces did not fulfil their responsibilities during the massacre and thousands of KDP peshmergas handed Shengal over to ISIS. The betrayal of the KDP proves the fact that it took part in the massacre and is thus guilty. This betrayal, which defies morality and the common sense of humanity, will never be forgotten.


This brutal attack targeted the Yazidi faith and its ancient culture, and the Yazidi people suffered severe trauma. The victims were mostly women and children. Thousands of women were killed, taken prisoner by ISIS, and dozens of them jumped off cliffs in order not to fall into the hands of ISIS. Thousands of people were displaced from their lands and the whereabouts of thousands of others are still unknown. When the world remained silent and the KDP forces fled, Kurdish leader Öcalan's guerrillas arrived in Shengal to fight ISIS in cooperation with the YPG and YPJ fighters. Shengal was liberated at the cost of heavy prices. We, the Yazidi people, especially Yazidi women, will never forget it. We are indebted to Kurdish leader Öcalan and our martyrs. Their cause is also our cause. As the TAJÊ, we reiterate our promise that we will claim Öcalan and our martyrs.


Communities may face hideous massacres if they do not defend themselves. For this reason, we, the Yazidi people, especially women, will organize ourselves further in every field and expand our struggle. Since the 2014 massacre, the KDP and the Turkish state have been using all their means to displace the Yazidi people from their land. We in the TAJÊ state that the most powerful weapon is self-defence! With this in mind, we will frustrate all conspiracies against us and never allow a new massacre. It is a fact that flowers grow at their roots. We call on our people who reside in camps in South Kurdistan and European countries to return to their lands and roots. No doubt our anger is as great as our pain. For the last 7 years, we have not forgotten our pain for a moment. We will enhance our struggle until the perpetrators of the massacre are held accountable and the children and women still held by ISIS are liberated. We will build Shengal's autonomy through our organization and determination.”