Second International Women's Conference ends with final declaration and call to raise the struggle

The reading of the final declaration of the Second International Women's Conference in Berlin. The women called to raise the struggle.

The Second International Women's Conference organized by Women Weaving the Future Network in Berlin, ended with the reading of the final declaration.

Women who provided translators in 8 languages, and women who looked after the  logistics, as well as the security, were applauded and flowers were given.

One slogan was chanted: Jin jiyan azadi, Sara, Rojbin, Ronahi.

After the conference ended, the women danced and chanted slogans.

The final declaration is as follows:

"In our first conference in October 2018, we shouted as Jin (women) that we want our Jiyan (life) to be based on Azadi (freedom). The second International Women’s Conference of the Women Weaving the Future Network was held on 5-6 November 2022 in Berlin, Germany under the Slogan of “our Revolution: Liberating Life” with the participation of a total of 800 women from 41 countries. The conference was concluded with great success.

As we were holding our conference, JIN JIYAN AZADI is being proclaimed in all corners of the world as the slogan of rebellion and solution. All over the world,  women are standing up and rebelling to make the 21st century the century of women. We are going through a very dark time but we are also in the wake of the birth of a new light.

For more profit and power, the capitalist system is dragging our world to a third world war by means of conflicts, environmental destruction, pandemics, exploitation, extraction, disposession and violence. Women from all the five continents are experiencing this war through the colonization of their bodies and territory.

We are refuting this route. In order to stop it and instead create a more free and just world for everyone, we are declaring to the world that we will take responsibility and become subjects. Water, air, fire and earth shall be with us.

We have all over the world yelled Ni Uno Menos and Metoo. We danced to music and Las Tesis and said no to violence against women. We have taken up the street, organized and developed our self-defense against the patriarchal system that disregards and objectifies us. We have defended our basic rights. On all the continents, women are resisting the erasure of their traditions and memories through poetry, songs, dance and wisdom. Women who stand with nature's power of healing struggle for the future they dreamed of. Because words are empty without action. Words without action are blind.

We are going against racism, exploitation, colonialism, militarism, multinationalism and states. They are therefore afraid of us. Let them be even more afraid. We are uniting and multiplying against those who criminalize our deeds and words and plunder our life energy.

The morality police of the Iranian regime took Jina Amini from us. The Turkish fascist state has taken our comrade Nagihan Akarsel from us. In Sudan, Yemen, the United States and Latin America, women are being killed, raped, arrested and violated. They owe us more than one life. They owe us the lives of our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters. We are an expression of their resistance.

We are wıtnessıng the evolutıon ın a dıfferent dırectıon of the centurıes-old experıence of womens struggles. We are going through a process in which different social groups see their own freedom in women's freedom and believe that women's freedom will ensure the freedom of all socıety.

We are outraged. Thıs ıs a collectıve outrage. We are are strong. We are going to change the world.

We live in a new age of freedom struggle led by women's revolution. As Ocalan says, the desired life cannot be created by miracles but by revolution.

In Kurdıstan ın Iran ın Afghanıstan ın Latın Amerıca and Europe we are rısıng up and strugglıng fort he lıfe we desıre.

As women, we are becoming “xwebun” (meanıng “ourselves”), we are rejecting the names given to us and to our lands by capıtalısm colonıalısm patrıarchy and gıvıng ourselves new names.

We are now in the time of women. And the best response to these times ıs to render women's common areas of struggle and solıdarıty permanent. With this conference we declare the comıng ınto exıstence of the Jın Jıyan Azadi-WOMEN WEAVING THE FUTURE NETWORK. Our next step after thıs conference wıll be to create a common roadmap ın lıght of our dıscussıons over the last two days.

We call on all women who long for a different life outside the current system of oppression to join our network and to strengthen the common struggle on the basis of WOMEN'S REVOLUTION.