Second day of international Women's Conference in Berlin

Over 700 women are attending the Second International Women's Conference organized by the Women Weaving their Future Network.

The second day of the International Women's Conference organized by Women Weaving their Future Network in Berlin will be held throughout the day. 

The program for the second day is as follows:

Becoming—The Desired Life Will Come Not through Miracles but through Revolution

  1. Overcoming the Fragmentation Created by Patriarchal Mentality: Class, Nationalism, Religionism
  2. Feminism—the Rebellion of the Oldest Colony and What Lies Beyond It

  3. Sociology of Freedom and Jineolojî

Session IV: Our Vision: Building Free Life

  1. How to Live, What to Do and Where to Start
  2. Organize!
  3. Defend Life: No to War, Yes to Self-Defence

Session V: Finding Our Way

Jin, Jîyan, Azadî: Why a Supranational Women’s Organization? What Is the Proposal for Woman’s World Democratic Confederalism?