SDF enters last positions in Baghouz

SDF fighters entered the last area in Baghouz where ISIS gangs gather their vehicles.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) entered the last area in ISIS occupied Baghouz where they gather their vehicles and take positions.

The positions ISIS use as camps were taken under control and some gang members surrendered by the hill the YPG/YPJ planted their flags on.

The SDF Press Center issued a statement on March 18 and said 87 gang members were killed in the last 24 hours in the operation against ISIS in Baghouz, and that the gangs had been hit hard.

SDF Spokesperson Kino Gabriel issued a press statement on Sunday and said 64.000 people had been removed from Baghouz since January. Gabriel said 5.000 of these people were gang members and 25.000 were their family members. 34.000 civilians were evacuated.