RAJIN commemorates journalist Deniz Fırat

The RAJIN Coordination commemorated journalist Deniz Fırat on the anniversary of her martyrdom, saying that “We will not stop shouting the truth like Deniz.”

The Coordination of Free Women's Press (Ragihandina Azad a Jinan-RAJIN) released a written statement to commemorate journalist Deniz Fırat. “On the 8th anniversary of her martyrdom, we commemorate with respect and gratitude our comrade Deniz Fırat who continued the legacy of truth created by Gurbeteli, and promoted labour, struggle and comradeship, saying that she would not be able to breathe without these values,” the RAJIN Coordination said.


“Deniz was a leading journalist with her consciousness of a free woman, resistance and struggle against the darkness of male-dominated reactionary fascism that subjected peoples and women to the greatest tragedies of history. With her courage and resistance, she was among the permanent marchers of the freedom struggle. She used all the means that would bring her the freedom she dreamed of. She always set an example among her comrades with her determination and efforts. In an age when the truth was ruthlessly disparaged, she persisted in pursuing the truth. She defended the truth and called on all humanity to unite and struggle around social, cultural and moral values under the leadership of women,” the statement said.

“Deniz's call for struggle and freedom attracted huge attention. Her determined stance, pursuing the truth has become a stance that everyone defying fascism, genocide and occupation has adopted. Her stance has become the principle and the way that all Kurdish people and women regard as indispensable for success. In this regard, those who resisted the male-dominated mentality, occupation and oppression, especially ISIS fascism, have won and will always win.

As RAJIN, we promise Deniz that we will not refrain from shouting the truth, desiring freedom and realizing it, just like Nujiyan, who shouted out the truth against collaborative treason and like Dilişan and Dilovan who defied ISIS fascism. Deniz's pen will remain in the hands of free press workers and comrades today as it used to in the past. We will not stop shouting the truth, raising the awareness for freedom and hope like Deniz, and we commemorate all our martyrs of the revolution in the person of comrade Deniz with respect, love and gratitude.”