Peace Mothers call on Kurdish parties to defend Kurdistan

Peace Mothers gathered in Sulaymaniyah, Southern Kurdistan, and announced the final declaration of the workshop they held. The mothers called on Kurdish parties to defend Kurdistan against invasion.

Peace Mothers from the four parts of Kurdistan gathered in Sulaymaniyah city of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) for a workshop on September 21.

The final declaration of the workshop has been announced this Friday. Evaluating the current situation in all parts of Kurdistan, the workshop focused on what women and all political parties could do to resolve the issues. National unity against the invasion attacks came to the fore as the main topic of the workshop.

The final declaration of the workshop includes the following;

“International forces should take a stand against the use of chemical weapons and massacres.

Local and international forces should protect the existence and culture of the Kurdish people and take a stand against anti-Kurdish views.

Mothers of guerrillas, peshmergas and soldiers should struggle and stand against war.

Parties and political groups should unite against occupation and defend Kurdistan.

Women's movements should lead the way for international unity.

All mothers of martyrs should stand by us to stop the war.”