Kurdish women in Russia salute the guerrilla resistance

Kurdish women living in Russia protested Turkey’s invasion attacks and saluted the guerrilla resistance in the guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Within the “Time for Freedom” campaign launched by KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union), protest actions of Kurdish people continue all around the world.

Women living in Stravrapol region of Russia protested the invasion attacks of the Turkish state on guerrilla zones.

Hacê Amoyeva, a member of Women’s Council read a statement and conveyed the message of growing struggle against the isolation in Imralı. She pointed out that the isolation of Öcalan has reached an adverse dimension.

The statement stressed that growing guerrilla resistance in guerrilla areas frightens the Turkish state and said “AKP-MHP power bloc is in panic.”

Women addressed the guerrilla forces as the only assurance of Kurdish people, adding, “Kurdish people must take action and spread their actions everywhere in order not to leave the guerrilla, the defence force of the Kurdish people, alone.”