Jineology in the high school curriculum in North-East Syria

Jineology, which is based on women's studies, was added to the high school curriculum for the 2021-2022 academic year by the Education and Training Committee of the Autonomous Administration.

The goal of Jineology, or the science of women, is to uncover the historical truth of women and to allow women to reclaim their social roles which were lost by patriarchal mentality.

Science, religion, and history were all impacted by capitalist modernity and utilized to ruin women. They planned for the women to be men's slaves. They placed the male at the centre of the women's conflict. It was taught to men that a true woman is a tool. This is how capitalist modernity deteriorated the concept of femininity.

The new school year began in northeastern Syria on 12 September. The Education and Training Committee of the Autonomous Administration incorporated several Jineology curriculum adjustments and included them in the high school students' 2021-2022 academic year curriculum. The science of women was already a subject of instruction in previous years. In the meantime, however, the subject was suspended because the content of the teaching materials was revised. This school year, Jineology was reinstated in the curriculum for the eleventh grade. The lessons are taught in Kurdish and Arabic.

The content of the lessons deals with ways of solving social problems and, in particular, issues specific to women. The Jineology textbook covers topics such as patriarchy and social sexism. According to the education committee of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Jineology will also be taught in the twelfth grade next year.


Nupel Ehmed, Martyr Egid Cilo Branch Academy Jineology Specialist, stated, "This is not a scientific study that just investigates women. It brings both sexes together and tries to free both sexes from the concept of servitude. It also establishes a proper foundation for discussing existence. The science of women encompasses women's science, life and society, as well as a common and free living. Democratic Modernity has also viewed women's science as a science aimed at saving women and their lives from sexism.”

According to Nupel Ehmed, the addition of the Jineology course to the 11th-grade courses is intended to equip students with a foundation in women's science.


Teachers are educated in specialized academies in order to correctly convey information and improve education.

Henaa El Semran, highlighting the significance of Jineology, stated, "We acquired very detailed information from Martyr Cilo Branch Academy. We make every effort to deliver this information to students in the most accurate manner possible. Women's science is at the forefront of instructional materials.”


Jineology as women's science criticizes the elitist, patriarchal, positivist understanding of research and teaching. This radical thinking develops knowledge and methods for researching and overcoming patriarchal, state and capitalist forms of knowledge and domination with the aim of women's revolution for a free society. The first time Abdullah Öcalan wrote about Jineology was in 2008 in his defense, writing "Sociology of Freedom". It says: "As long as the essence of women remains in the dark, it is not possible to clarify the essence of society. (...) In order to solve the history of the colonization of women - including their economic, social, political and mental colonization - the enlightenment of all other questions in history and all sides of today's societies will not be possible."