Cay-break: a conversation among women about getting to know themselves

The first short episode cay-break, published by Cay at the Women's Front is out.

Cay-Break is a new series of short podcasts published by Cay at the Women's Front. The aim of these podcasts is to get women to discuss about getting to know themselves.

As the women themselves explained: "Getting to know ourselves – “Xwebûn” (kurdish – being yourself), is a concept of the Kurdish Women’s movement aiming at getting to know yourself. It means entering a process with ourselves and our surroundings in which we start to answer questions of who we really are and how we want to live.

We were joined by two women friends, Bruna and Zeryan, who talked about their own process, struggles and  their perspectives of putting it into practice.  Becoming your actual self means  decrypting and  overcoming capitalist influences in your own personality. Knowing and becoming ourselves brings us closer to our truth  as human beings, it makes us stronger and more determined on our revolutionary path, brings clearness, deeper understanding and love for ourselves, our friends, society and the whole universe.

The podcast can be listened to here