"A revolution is created with resistance"

Fighters of the women's guerrilla force YJA Star recall the historical importance of Commander Bêrîtan Hêvî for women's spirit of resistance and emphasize their determination to defend the region until victory.

The fighters of the Free Women's Troops YJA Star lead the resistance against the Turkish invasion in the Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). In mobile units, the female guerrillas repeatedly attack the Turkish army. Two of the fighters are Zîlvan Devrim and Hêvî Amanos. They recall the development of the women's struggle and the women's army based on pioneers such as Bêrîtan Hêvî (Gülnaz Karataş). Bêrîtan Hêvî was a guerrilla commander and pioneer of the Women's Army who threw herself into an abyss in Southern Kurdistan in 1992 to avoid falling into the hands of the KDP, which collaborated with Turkey.

"We are determined to fight and win"

Speaking to ANF, Zîlan Devrim said the following about the importance of Bêrîtan: "The line of Bêrîtan became a model for all. As guerrilla fighters of the YJA Star, we are determined to fight and win in the line of Heval Bêrîtan. Bêrîtan clearly opposed any surrender. She revealed the personality of the free woman and we follow her. Our struggle is based on this.

Heval Bêrîtan never bowed to betrayal. She developed the lineage of the free woman and influenced so many women. With Bêrîtan's philosophy of free life, women flocked to the ranks of YJA Star. Today, too, our movements are advancing along this revolutionary line. The women's struggle has reached a climax. As the war deepens, our resistance continues to grow. Of course, we may sacrifice, it may be our lives, but each of us represents the free woman's stance. The women friends who are part of the Cenga Xabûrê and Bazên Zagrosê offensives are fighting according to the example of Şehîd Bêrîtan. Our struggle will continue until victory, until the freedom of our people and the oppressed peoples is guaranteed."

"Thousands of women are in the footsteps of Bêrîtan"

Hêvî Amanos added, "Bêrîtan's action was a reaction to a false consciousness. Her action in Southern Kurdistan resonated around the world. Today, thousands of revolutionary women are forming in the footsteps of Bêrîtan. Our goal is to keep the lineage of Bêrîtan alive. A great war is taking place in the mountains of Kurdistan right now. There has been war with the Turkish state for many years, but in today's war, the Turkish state is fighting against us by cooperating with forces in the region. Heval Bêrîtan's action was directed against this kind of betrayal. There are now thousands of Bêrîtans in Southern Kurdistan because she had a great impact on society."

Commenting on the battle in the war tunnels in Werxelê and those killed, Amanos said, "Heval Rûstem's action against the occupiers in the Cenga Heftanînê offensive demonstrated once again the insistence on the Bêrîtan line. This line of resistance will lead us to victory."

"Chemical weapons are not only used against the guerrillas"

Regarding Turkey’s use of chemical weapons, Amanos said: "Today's war is not directed against the guerrillas alone. If the enemy can use chemical weapons against the guerrillas today, he will use such weapons against Sulaymaniyah and Hewlêr (Erbil) in the near future. If we do not resist today, he will murder our people. The Turkish state has invaded Afrin and Serêkaniyê and is committing crimes against humanity there every day."

"We will become even stronger"

Amanos concluded by saying, "In this war, civilians are attacked and killed every day in the villages. Chemical weapons are being used. Southern Kurdistan is bombed every day, but no force says anything. Many civilians die, but no one sees it. For our people, we will become even stronger. Because the power of the woman was revealed through the act of Heval Bêrîtan. Today's resistance is a great success for us. A revolution is built with resistance."