Özdemir: EU should apply stronger sanctions on Turkey

Hamburg Parliament Die Linke co-chair Cansu Özdemir said the EU should apply stronger sanctions on Turkey for its brutal attack against Northern and Eastern Syria.

The invasion attacks launched by the Turkish state against Rojava continue and hundreds of civilians have been brutally murdered.

Die Linke co-spokesperson in Hamburg Parliament, Cansu Özdemir, said Kurds from around the world have spoken out against the Turkish state attacks.

How do you evaluate the US attitute in relation with the Kurdish project?

The European public is debating this question intensely. The US is criticized for its position and it is even argued whether it has ceased to be the world strongest power. This question was frequently asked by journalists to Kurdish politicians in Germany. We answer that the Kurds are fighting for a third way. We state that the Kurds have not fought for the benefit of any power. We have fought for a democratic social model built in Rojava.

Yes, there are and will be military alliances, but the Kurds model in Rojava, a structure that embraces different ethnic, sectarian religious identities and minorities, offers an alternative to the order of male-dominated and capitalist states. The US attitude is not ethical. This attitude and the passive attitude of other states for several days are responsible for the death of civilians in Rojava.

How do you evaluate Europe's attitude towards the Turkish occupation?

For the first time in history, we heard such strong condemnation messages and sanctions against the Turkish state. I think more sanctions will be made in the coming days. But Europe may be more active. For example, the EU can decide on a common arms embargo. They should take this decision jointly. Many European countries, particularly Norway and Germany, will no longer sign new arms exports. However, arms exports signed before this decision will still be implemented.

I find this step inadequate, after a terrible human rights violations within a week. In Serêkaniyê, a convoy of civilians was bombed and Kurdish politician Hevrin Xalef was brutally murdered. In view of these, the EU should implement more stable and harsher sanctions. Erdogan is still laughing and threatening the EU. For this reason, we have made the following demands to the German government with our other Kurdish deputies in Germany:

* Condemnation of Turkey for making statements that violates the UN Convention.

* Turkey should end the occupation that violates international law and withdraw its troops in Syria.

* Implementation of an arms embargo against Turkey on an international scale.

* Ensure that an autonomy for the Kurds as part of the Syrian state is guaranteed by the 5 Permanent members of the UN Security Council.

* The trial of ISIS detainees held in prisons in the region in an international court

Do you believe that this attitude will be effective?

I have evaluated the approach of states. I find these steps important, but insufficient. But what I find valuable is the solidarity of European society. I see great solidarity from all parties, thousands of people participate in the protest marches in Germany every day. In particular, I find the comments and writings of German journalists very important. Because they raise the demands of the Kurds every day and many journalists say that the gains in Rojava should be preserved.

Kurds are standing together all over the world. Do you think this is an important step in the name of national unity?

Yes, we are experiencing the most important process for national unity. I see this at marches and demos. Thousands of Kurds from four parts of Kurdistan are marching together. It is a precious feeling to see this.