Sultan’s wolf cubs: MİT members in Shehba

The Turkish state under AKP control has many MİT members among the gangs in Shehba. SDF spokesperson Telal Silo spoke to ANF on the MİT members they have uncovered.

We continue to expose the cadres placed by the AKP government among gang organizations they create under several guises. Most of the cadres moved into Sultan Murad, which was founded by MİT itself and consists mostly of MİT agents, that are taking part in the new invasion operation for Shehba and Efrîn.

SDF spokesperson Telal Silo had said that Sultan Murad consisted mostly of MİT members when assessing the Turkish state’s attacks on Shehba, and spoke of the Turkish state’s arms delivery to gangs through Mahmud Kemo. Silo had said, based on his witnessing: “Those claiming to be FSA groups now had turned the area over to ISIS in the past. They moved out of the villages in the north of Syria and Azaz. I was then responsible for the Seljuk Brigade. 2 trailer trucks of weapons and ammunition was to be delivered to us from Turkey then. We had clashes with ISIS in Rai for 6 days. We resisted for 6 days. One of these two trucks full of weapons and ammunition passed through Rai. The other passed from Jarablus. Mehmet Fatih Brigade official who received these was Mahmud Kemo, known as Abu Kemal. This person didn’t support the Rai operation center at all. He didn’t send these weapons to us. We were left without weapons and ammunition, ISIS launched harsher attacks and they took Rai. ISIS invaded all of the north of Aleppo in this way. Nobody questioned this person. We held a meeting monitored by MİT. In that meeting, I demanded this person who caused the north of Aleppo to fall under ISIS control and especially Rai to fall be put on trial. But the attendees and the MİT didn’t say a word. And this person wasn’t put on trial. Weapons aid with trucks continued over him. The weapons were sent to ISIS over Mahmud Kemo in this manner. And this still continues. Turkey claims these men are the representatives of the Turkmens now. They are Turkey’s underlings. Right now, there are a maximum of 50 Turkmens in the attacks to invade the region under the guise of the so called “Euphrates Shield”. And these men are working for the MİT directly in any case.”


The people Telal Silo speaks of continue within the Sultan Murad and other gangs now. Sultan Murad commanders Fehim İsa and Osman Salih are known to be salaried members of the MİT by now.

Osman Salih took part in the leadership of the 1st and 2nd Turkmen groups formed in Latakia and is responsible for this Turkic gang, all operations pass through him. Osman Salih had crossed over to Turkey approximately 6 months before the invasion of Jarablus. He stayed in Havar Kilis village and Karkamış and prepared for the invasion of Jarablus. After the invasion of Jarablus, he was put in charge of the Jarablus gate by Turkey. There were reports that he died in a clash between Feylak Al Sham and Sultan Murad. But then it was uncovered that he hadn’t died, but was wounded and receiving treatment in Turkey.


Alparslan Çevik from Grey Wolves Elazığ Branch, who had killed the pilot from the downed Russian aircraft, was also among those recruited by MİT as a soldier in their gang organizations. When Çelik was exposed, he was pulled from the field and was placed under protection. But other members of the team are still operational.


New photographs ANF has acquired betray traces of the Turkish intelligence on the other members:


Çilek had taken part in the groups formed by Turkey in Latakia named First and Second Division, and then returned to Turkey when the relationship between Turkey and the Baath regime temporarily improved over Russia. During that time, he took part in Sultan Murad which Turkey was in the process of reshaping. He is a part of the Aleppo Sultan Murad group.


Nurettin Yıldız. Their photos together show that he’s a close friend of Alparslan Çelik. Yıldız also took part in Turkmen groups in Latakia’s Jabal Turkmen area. Just like İbrahim Çilek, he also returned to Turkey afterwards. He joined Sultan Murad. With the Turkish army invading Jarablus, he crossed over for Sultan Murad. Now he’s active in the vicinity of Rai, Azaz and Exterin.


Another MİT member in Sultan Murad is Serkan Kurtuluş. Just like his other friends, Serkan Kurtuluş also stayed at Jabal Turkmen first. Then he crossed over to Turkey and was appointed to Sultan Murad that was being organized there. Kurtuluş is still in the line of Jarablus, Azaz, Exterin and Mare.


Another Grey Wolf MİT member is the gang cadre Murat Polat. Murat Polat rushed from pillar to post among gangs as a professional Turkish intelligence agent. He stayed in several regions from Jabal Turkmen to Aleppo. He is a close friend of Alparslan Çelik. He showed up in activities after the charade of his “capture” when Çelik was taken in protective custody. He is now also appointed to the active raider unit of the agency Sultan Murad. He takes part in the genocide against the Kurds in the region between Jarablus to the villages of Shehba.