MIT sends ammunition and 400 militants to SNC gangs in Azaz

The Turkish state has handed over 5 trailers full of ammunition to SNC gangs in Azaz 2 days ago. 400 SNC members from İdlib, Hama and Homs were transferred to Azaz from Bab Es Selame Border Gate.

AKP’s anti-Kurdish policies continue. The Turkish state had carried out a gathering marked “urgent” with 20 SNC gang leaders in Antep after the SNC and ENKS gangs attacking Jaysh al-Thuwar and YPG/YPJ forces in Tal Rifat, Minix, Birad and Ayn Deqne were defeated recently.

In the Antep gathering led by the Turkish intelligence agency MİT and the General Staff, the Turkish state had given gangs new plans, projects and objectives. In accordance with the plans, projects and objectives provided by the Turkish state the gangs were asked to invade Efrîn-Azaz and Shehba regions and rid them of the Kurdish population.

The SNC gangs had let the MİT and General Staff officials know that they accepted the plan and project given to them by the Turkish state and they would carry out said objectives, but they had their own demands in return.

SNC gangs asked for support in members, weapons, ammunitions and logistics from the Turkish state. The MİT and General Staff officials had promised them they would receive the necessary support.


MİT and General Staff officials turned their promises into reality by transferring 5 trailers full of ammunition from the Bab Es Selame Border Gate and handed them over to the SNC gangs in Azaz.

According to reliable sources, 400 SNC members from İdlib, Hama and Homs were transferred from Bab Es Selame Border Gate to Azaz. Jaysh al-Thuwar sources also confirm this information.

MİT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan had formed a MİT unit in Kilis responsible for providing members, weapons, ammunition and logistic support to ISIS, SNC and ENKS.


The Turkish state and army allow easy passage for gangs in Jarablus-Azaz line. The gangs also receive medical attention in the Turkish border. Two field hospitals set up in the border and Yamadi Hospital in Hatay’s Yayladağ district serve the gangs. Ambulances are kept on duty around the clock for gangs in Samandağ border line.

The transfer of gangs over Hatay border line has increased after Russia conducted aerial attacks on İdlib, Efrîn and Azaz fronts.

The area outside of Efrîn in the Hatay-Kilis border line are under occupation by the SNC gangs that are supported and some founded by the Turkish state. The Syrian side of the Hatay-Kilis border line is occupied by the SNC gangs, and the corresponding Turkish territory on the other side of the border is controlled by SNC gangs and the MİT unit responsible for organising attacks to eliminate the Rojava Revolution.


Following QSD constituents Jaysh al-Thuwar and YPG/YPJ’s advance towards Azaz, the Turkish state had increased unease and had shelled the Tal Rifat, Minix, Birad, Ehras and Eyn Deqne regions intensely with Howitzers to stop this advance.

The Turkish state had targeted Efrîn districts and the center as well as military positions of Jaysh al-Thuwar and YPG/YPJ forces, aiming to instill fear and rid the region of people.

The SNC gangs caught in the region during the Turkish state’s mortar and artillery attack on Jaysh al-Thuwar and YPG/YPJ forces had crossed over to the Turkish side of the border and put up encampments. SNC gangs coordinate the new attacks on Efrîn-Azaz and Shehba regions from the Ankara-Kilis-Antep triangle.

The SNC members gathered from regions such as İdlib, Hama and Homs are brought from the Hatay-Kilis border line and are transferred back into Syria through Kilis. Gang members enter the Cilvegözü Border Gate in Hatay and leave for Syria through Bab Es Selame Border Gate across from Öncüpınar Border Gate in Kilis.