FSA on the outside, ISIS on the inside

A significant portion of the alliance of gangs Turkey markets as “FSA” are ISIS members. The evidence including confiscated footage and documents show that Turkey camouflaged ISIS members.

The Turkish state run by the AKP presented the force they formed out of the gangs they nurtured as “FSA” during their invasion move in Jarablus. But it is known that there are a significant number of ISIS members in the gang groups consisting of different Turkmen and Sunni groups under the MİT. ISIS members who speak to the international press express their presence in Jarablus very clearly. Despite this, the Turkish state is trying to widen its area of invasion along with an attempted “Turkification” of Jarablus. The documents confiscated by Rojava forces show how some ISIS members were camouflaged.


Ahmet Ğafur is from Erep Êzê village, between Jarablus and Rai. He had joined ISIS along with his two cousins. He used to be the head of the Jarablus Sharia Court back when ISIS ruled Jarablus, Rai and Azaz. He crossed over to Turkey approximately one month before the Turkish state invasion of Jarablus. The Sharia Court Chief of ISIS is now back in Jarablus as a commander in the Sultan Murad Brigade founded by MİT.


Ahmet Ğafur’s cousin Mıhemmed Ğafur was also a member of ISIS. The other cousin, Abdulğeni Ğafur was a member as well. The three cousins are now precious members of the Sultan Murad Brigade. Turkey presents them as “FSA fighters”.


In the confiscated documents, the transformation of the Rai officer of ISIS via a “Turkish miracle” can be seen. The Rai Officer is Mıhemmed Kelhesen, also known as “Cebon from Rai”. His father’s name is Mustafa and his mother’s name is Adle. He was the Rai official for ISIS for a long time. He crossed over to Turkey during the preparations for the invasion. He had been in Turkey for almost a month when the Jarablus invasion started, so Kelhesen went back to Jarablus as a commander of the coalition of gangs Turkey calls “FSA”. He is still in Jarablus, enjoying his commanding position. Everybody in the region knows Mıhemmed Kelhesen has made hundreds of people in the region suffer and has confiscated their property, homes and cars. So he is well known by the locals.


Other ISIS members to catch the eye among the gangs called FSA by the Turkish state who were pushed up to Rai following the invasion of Jarablus are the Cafer family. The Cafers from Rai were hitmen of ISIS. The trio İsmail Cafer, Welid Haci Cafer and DSHK-man Ebu Hesen now continue their “services” with their new name tags.


Zekeriya Walid from Azaz’s Şıvêrin village is another veteran ISIS member. He has taken on different duties in ISIS since 2013 when ISIS started invading the Azaz-Rai-Jarablus line. Everybody knows Zekeriya Walid in the Şıvêrin and Azaz region. The confiscated photographs show Zekeriya Walid in a new light as well. He has advanced enough to flash the grey wolf sign between two Turkish soldiers.


Macit Tapuş and Taha Al-Eşqer are from Ceke village in Azaz. They immediately joined and have carried out the duties of massacre, looting and arresting “with great personal sacrifice” since the day ISIS entered the Azaz area. Now they wave the flag of Sultan Murad Brigade in Jarablus, together with other ISIS members. They are the favorites in the First Legion.


A photograph of ISIS’ Ğendura official who is known as the son of İbrahim Salih Hodja has caused a stir in the press and on social media. That official is now in the Turkish state’s “FSA”.

Presented as a commander in the Jarablus invasion, Seyf Ebubekir had been there when Shehba villages were looted after the Jabhat Al Akrad forces were made to attack the Shehba territory by ISIS. Ebubekir was posing right next to him as the ISIS Emir read the statement after ISIS invaded Shehba’s Qıbbesin village. Now he is responsible for the Al-Hamza gang, the most influential group in the Sultan Murad Brigade. He is acting as a commander of sorts for the invasion.

There are dozens more like this. Didn’t an ISIS member say “We didn’t retreat from Jarablus, we just cut our beards”? Some of them didn’t even bother with that.