Captured ISIS member: We planned the Grê Spi attack with Turkey

ISIS member captured in Rojava stated that Turkey and ISIS gangs decided on the Grê Spi attack following a meeting in Raqqa. The captured jihadi confessed that Turkish intelligence MİT supported them and attacked the YPG to protect ISIS.

An ISIS member captured in Rojava, West Kurdistan stated that the Turkish state and ISIS gangs decided on the Grê Spi attack following a meeting in Raqqa. Admitting ISIS' relations with the Turkish state, the captured jihadi confessed that Turkish intelligence MİT supported them and attacked the YPG to protect ISIS. He also told that all their needs were met through Turkey.

ISIS member by the code-name of Ebu Muktat Ezir who was captured in Grê Spi (Tal Abyad) on February 28, has made striking evaluations to ANF regarding the Grê Spi attack and ISIS' relations with the Turkish state.


Muad Abdala El Septi (Ebu Muktat Ezir), who joined the gangs from Derezor area, told that they crossed into Turkey over Jarablus, after which they were transferred to near Grê Spi with buses, and then walked on foot to the points of assault on the town.

The confessions of the captured ISIS member are as follows;

"ISIS and the Turkish MİT planned the Grê Spi attack in the city of Raqqa. In the wake of this plan, we -a total of 57 people- went to Jarablus. There were 5 groups to participate in this aggression and this included suicide commandos.

After arriving in Jarablus, we crossed the border into the Turkish side, then got on buses that had been brought by MİT. After a travel of 2,5 to 3 hours within Turkish territory, we got off buses before 3-4 kilometers to Tal Abyad. We later started to walk towards our targets.

After entering Tal Abyad, two groups within us went to Ayn Arus, one group to the electric utility and the other two went to hold the Şergirat and Kobanê road. I was within the Ebu Celabi Cezravi group made up of 10 persons that attacked the electric utility.


After arriving at the aimed locations, we set up asayish points. In some areas, fighting between YPG and our groups erupted very soon. As clashes got heavier upon YPG's intervention, we retreated towards Turkey border. During our retreat, Turkish soldiers enabled an easy crossing for us by opening fire on YPG. We had been assured already that Turkish soldiers would come to help in the event that we got stuck, or enable an easy crossing for us by opening fire on YPG in the event that we retreated.

When we attacked Tal Abyad, there were great many tanks and soldiers waiting along the Turkish border. In the same way, there were a number of Turkish soldiers at the borders of Jarablus, Kobanê and Tal Abyad as well. They made a plan in order for us to attack, they paved the way for us but they didn't keep their promise to come to our help from the border.


We do not fight against Turkey because this is not to our benefit. We never considered fighting Turkey because we meet our arms, ammunition and all other needs over Turkey. If we hit Turkey, our relations will worsen and we will face a shortage of basic needs. This is why we do not and we cannot hit Turkey.


Arms, munitions and all our shopping are delivered to us through Turkey. It was being talked about very secret and major plans between ISIS and the Turkish state. This must be why we have a remarkable shopping market with Turkey. This flow was never interrupted but continued over Jarablus after YPG's seizure of control in Tal Abyad. We sent explosive-laden vehicles prepared in Turkey to Tal Abyad and some other places. As much as half of the Turkish people stands by the ISIS which has cells and members in numerous institutions in Turkey.


There are already hidden ISIS camps in Antep, Urfa and many other places. Those joining ISIS and those activating in other countries are all travelling through Turkey. Those who regret joining ISIS and manage to return in some way are fleeing to European countries, such as Germany, and other countries around the world through Turkey. Some others set to participate in actions here are also being sent by the ISIS through Turkey.


To conclude, those joining the ISIS are those who end up loser. This is because of the existence of two different sides; those making plans at the table and those dying in the field; the interests and goals of these circles are entirely different from each other. For instance; I am married and I left my wife and children behind while coming here. Now, I am under arrest. Those who dragged me into this war are, however, enjoying their time at the table right now.

I was caught in the restaurant where I was working. At 9 o'clock at night, they came and asked 'who smokes here?'. I admitted that it was me, upon which they held me in custody for 3 days and sent me to receive sharia training which was followed by military training. They later sent us into the developing war, promising that we would have some rest after this battle was over. They told us that we would be on the final line. We went there to see that there was nobody before us. Then I got caught once the fighting began."