Turkish warplanes bomb civilian areas in Afrin

Turkish warplanes are bombing civilian areas near Shera, Jindires, and Bilbile districts of Afrin, local sources say.

Turkish army on Friday launched airstrikes on villages in Shera, Jindires, and Bilbile districts of Afrin.

According to local sources the airstrikes targeted Axcele village of Jindires and Qestele Xidirye and Qestele Miqded villages in Bilbile and Dersiwane village of Shera.

One civilian was wounded in Axcele village while no information could be obtained about the results of the bombings in Shera and Bilbile districts.


In another development heavy fighting erupted between the Turkish army and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Shiye district of Afrin.

SDF sources said that the fighting continues in and around Hec Bilal, Upper Cheqela, and Erende villages.

Turkish warplanes are reportedly carried out airstrikes in the area.