Thousands march in Qamishlo for the freedom of Öcalan

Thousands from the Hesekê Canton and the Cizîrê Canton took to the streets demanding freedom for Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and condemning the aggravated isolation imposed on him by the Turkish state.

The Movement for a Democratic Society TEV-DEM organised a mass rally with the motto "Freedom of Leader Apo is our freedom" in order to condemn the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Thousands from the Qamishlo and Cizire cantons participated in the rally.

The demonstration started at the Internationalist Martyrs' Square. During the march slogans "There is no life without Leader Apo" and "Long live Apo" were chanted. The marchers headed with great euphoria to the 19th July Square, where a minute of silence was held in tribute of the freedom fighters who lost their lives in the struggle.

Speaking on behalf of the TEV-DEM, Hêva Erebo held a speech, welcoming the protesters and demanding freedom for Öcalan.

Qamishlo Deputy Co-mayor Mûna Farûq also spoke and stated that: "Our voice and the voice of our leader has reached the entire world, we have now risen up in our hundreds of thousands and are calling unanimously for the freedom of our leader. This people, who have embraced the ideas and philosophy of Leader Apo, will on no account stand still anymore. They will keep resisting and advocate the freedom of their leader."

Til Temir Legislative Council member Hayistan Xelef also condemned the aggravated isolation on the Kurdish leader and said: "Our enemies though that the Kurdish people will dissolve in time if our leader is held in prison. However we, the Kurdish people, have risen up today in our millions for the freedom of our leader. Our leader lives in our thoughts and our hearts. Not only Kurds, but also Arabs and Syriacs have joined this march and demanded the freedom of Leader Apo. The goal of this rally is to convey our voice to the entire world and that the aggravated isolation be lifted immediately."

The rally ended with the slogans "Long live Leader Apo" and "There is no life without the Leader".