“Those who support our fight against terror are looking away now”

Hundreds of thousands of civilians live in Afrin. They face a genocide that is being carried out in the eyes of the world public by the Turkish state.

In Afrin, hundreds of thousands of people stand against the attacks of the Turkish state in violation of international law. The bakeries in the city are working 24 hours a day to serve the many people who have fled to the center from nearby villages and districts. The supply situation is difficult, as the road to Aleppo is constantly under attack and hardly any food is delivered. Nevertheless, the people of Afrin are determined not to leave the canton. ANF spoke to the people in the city.

Mihemed Ebdo Ebdurehman operates a bakery in the Ashrafiyah neighborhood. He explains that the city administration decided to distribute free bread and he implements this decision. His bakery is now working in two shifts 24 hours a day. The costs are covered by the People's Council of the city. "We too want to contribute to the resistance," explains Ebdurehman.

Ebdulhekim Hemûdê had to leave everything behind when fleeing his village. He has not been able to work for nearly two months: "We have bread, but the food in general is getting less. Here three to four families live in an apartment. It is really a difficult time. Why does the world simply overlook us?"

Cemil Ehmed does not want to leave his homeland. We ask him for his opinion on the silence of the UN and the international forces represented in Syria. "They are all blind, deaf and dumb," he says.

Elî Cimo asks the international forces: "When we fought against terror, you were there, but where are you now? There is no room for us in this world. We had almost defeated the IS, but now Turkey is bombarding us, which has been supporting the terrorists so far. Those who supported our fight against terror are now looking away while we are attacked by a state that supports terror."

Arîfe Mihemed Horo tells how her home and her home were looted. Another woman, Firyan Hec Henan, reports that because of the war, she had moved from Aleppo to Afrin and was surprised by the military invasion of the Turkish state.