TEV-DEM: Method of resistance changed in Afrin, we will prevail

TEV-DEM pointed out that the resistance continues with different methods in Afrin and stated that victory will be achieved. TEV-DEM also stressed that the Turkish state is aiming to change the demographic makeup with their genocidal attacks.

Movement for a Democratic Society TEV-DEM issued a written statement today regarding the Afrin invasion and the resistance. The statement is as follows:

“The Resistance of the Age has displayed 58 days of uninterrupted sacrifice against the Turkish army and their jihadi gangs. An epic of sacrifice and valiance of historic proportions has been written. The popular resistance still in motion against the invading army and their tools programmed for annihilation has taught a lesson to enemies and dark forces. This resistance continues still.

Our people in Afrin have caught the attention of the word with their historic resistance. Our people have set forth that their will can never be broken and never be destroyed by any force. This resistance has been the strongest response of our people to the terrorist and pro-gangs Turkish state.


The barbaric attacks by the invading Turkish army using all kinds of weapons continues still. International institutions remain silent. This silence is a great shame that allows for the attacks against our civilian population to intensify.

The Turkish army attacks have intensified particularly after civilians in Afrin’s villages left their homes and arrived to the Afrin city center due to attacks. The fascist Turkish army and their collaborating gangs have surrounded the city in the last two weeks. They deliberately targeted and destroyed main service institutions. They cut off water and power in the city and demolished public institutions like the medical center and hospital. The fascist Turkish state aimed to force the people of the region to bow down and surrender. The constant bombing of the city risked the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and forced the people to move away to survive under harsh conditions without homes. International humanitarian organizations have failed to provide even the most basic humanitarian aid, offerin no support at all. Not only have they not aided, but they have also been acting as silent audiences in the face of the hardship and pain our people have endured, like they have since the beginning. One of the main desires of the invading fascist Turkish state is exactly this.

As a result of the alliance Russia has formed with the Turkish army, the international silence combined with the shameful silence of the Syrian regime deprived of its power to decide has been one of the reasons for the great pains our people in Afrin have endured. The powers in question are responsible for what has happened and continues to happen to our people. But everybody should know that our will will never be broken, and our resistance will certainly continue until the invaders and their collaborators are defeated and victory is made certain. Our resistance will continue until the lands of Afrin are emancipated.


Victory is not a matter that will be determined by the end of a process. On this basis, we would like to openly say to our people that the Afrin resistance to date has absolutely been successful. Our heroes from the SDF, YPG and YPJ could have resisted the invading Turkish army and their gangs for a long time in Afrin city center. But our ethical responsibility and the hardship the civilians endured has led to the making of this decision. Our decision has been to change the method of resistance to save the lives of our people and our children and the city from destruction, in the face of full force attacks by barbarians without any human value.

The decision to withdraw from the city has been a hard one to make for our fighters who believe resistance is life. But this has been the most appropriate decision in terms of the good of our people and to carry the resistance in Kurmanc Mountain to the maximum level. Although the enemy’s media paints a picture of victory for themselves and their gangs, and defeat for us regarding the situation in Afrin; we promise to resist to the end for the freedom of our people which we will make a reality. We will never bow down. Everybody should know that. We repeat our promise to avenge our martyrs, to not let the enemy breathe comfortably on our lands and to achieve a great victory by emancipating our lands from enemy invasion.

Although the path for our barbaric enemies to enter Afrin is now open, our people have faith that these invaders will be pushed out of Afrin. The barbaric enemy desires to annihilate our people in all regions of Rojava-Northern Syria, Shengal, Kirkuk and anywhere else our people live. The Turkish president openly shows that he is not targeting a region or a party, but using them as an excuse for his attacks. Their fascist and racist attacks will come up against the ongoing resistance of our people and will certainly receive a heavy blow. It should be known that one of their fundamental goals along with their allies is to annihilate our people.


We bow in respect for the sacrifice and loyalty of our people in all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad who have been holding constant protests in support of the Afrin resistance. We would request them to continue with their struggle and resistance.


International institutions and organizations should fulfill their moral and political responsibility and make sure our people forced out of their homes can return safely and urgently. We are calling on these organizations to ensure the protection of the properties of our people that have been looted and pillaged by the invading Turkish army and their gangs. Aid must be delivered to our people urgently. We hereby issue a warning for the Turkish president’s dirty policies to change the demographics of the region and to impose alien cultures and identities on the region. Our people should know that we will oppose these unjust and dirty plans with all our might. Afrin will absolutely remain as its authentic self. It will continue to be the Afrin with a rich and dignified people. To this end, an epic and unprecedented resistance will be waged.


We demand the United Nations Security Council pressure Turkey to act within the bounds of international law. The public should know that we will consider the fascist Turkish state and their gangs as invaders. We openly declare that it should be recognized as our legitimate right to defend our existence and our lands.


Our resisting people have shown that they don’t accept the invaders and the collaborators of the Turkish army. Everybody should know that we will resist the imposition under the guise of an “administration” by traitors, with any means necessary. There will be resistance against these collaborators and all the lands of Afrin will be emancipated. We are telling the gang council formed in Antep on March 18, 2018 under the name “Afrin’s Salvation Congress” that treason will never bring legitimacy or success. The salvation of Afrin will not be achieved by following the path of spies, but the path of resistance and sacrifice.

We are warning them that the lands and the olive groves of Afrin will not accept their worthless and boundless groups. These groups, who deserve worse names, are part of an immoral structure and aim to legitimize an invasion. Our people will certainly take vengeance one day, this vengeance will be worthy of the dignified will of Afrin and a great lesson for those who attack our people.”