SDF forms its first brigade in Raqqa

Syrian Democratic Forces formed its first brigade in Raqqa and named it after a fallen fighter who fought against Turkish invaders in Afrin.

The formation of the brigade was announced in Raqqa’s Marode village. Several SDF commanders, local officials, and tribal elders attended the ceremony.


The brigade was named after YPG fighter Ilan Dara Kobane who was killed fighting Turkish invaders in Jindires district of Afrin.

The ceremony began with a military parade of SDF fighters. In a speech, SDF commander Luqman Xelîl said that the peoples of northern Syria paid a heavy price for freeing their homeland from terror.

On behalf of the tribes in the region, Şeyh Mihemed Dîb gave a speech. Dîb emphasized that the "Şehîd Îlan Kobanê" brigade would protect all the peoples of northern Syria.