SDF Commander: Attempts to prevent the operation have failed

SDF Commander Ehmed El-Mihemed stated that ISIS gangs have placed laser guided mines in homes to stop the advance of fighters and to prevent civilians from leaving conflict zones.

In the Operation Cizire Storm that continues with the goal to clear the southeast of Heseke from ISIS gangs and to liberate Dashisha, YPG-led SDF fighters liberated the Tirewafi and Abdulal villages to the east of Shadadi on Monday. ISIS gangs fled to the Dashisha town as the fighters advance.

SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) Commander Ehmed El-Mihemed spoke to ANHA about the advance of the operation and said, "Following intense clashes, we broke the ISIS hold on these villages, our fighters have great morale and our advance continues."

El-Mihemed said ISIS gangs use heavy weapons to stop the operation's advance and added that they continue to advance and free civilians from gangs despite the fact.

El-Mihemed said the gangs placed laser guided mines in homes to prevent civilians from leaving and added that the people in turn show the fighters where the mines are. He added, "Whatever the cost may be, our operation will continue until all areas are liberated from gangs."


Mines with sensors are setups with two mines placed across from each other. The extremely sensitive mechanism is triggered whenever any object gets close, and has a wide impact area.