SDF: 59 Turkish soldiers and gang members were killed in Afrin

The SDF Press Center has released a balance sheet of war in Afrin for the past 24 hours. Accordingly, at least 59 Turkish soldiers and allied gang members were killed in clashes.

The Press Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said in the balance sheet of war in Afrin for the past 24 hours that the Turkish military invasion in Afrin continues unabated, despite a contrary UN resolution. The SDF were forced to defend the population against the attacks of the Turkish army and allied jihadists.

The balance sheet of war in the districts in the canton of Afrin is as follows:


The Turkish army and allied militia have been trying for days to advance through the village of Badîna. Our forces, on the other hand, are resisting against these attempts. Yesterday, at noon, fierce clashes took place in the vicinity of the village, lasting until the evening. The death of at least 30 members of invading forces was confirmed, while dozens of others were injured.

The bombardment on civilian areas in Mirkan village left some villagers dead and injured.


Our forces hit a vehicle of the occupants near the village of Gewende. A military vehicle was destroyed, and 7 gang members in it were killed. At the same time, the village of Mûsaka was bombed by the occupying army.

In the area around the district of Raco, clashes erupted in the morning, which are still going on.


Turkish warplanes bombed the villages of Remadiyê and Hemîlka yesterday from 9:00 pm until late at night.

The Turkish state continues to attack and massacre the civilian population. Yesterday, Turkish tanks attacked a vehicle that evacuated civilians from the embattled village of Heciler. Eight civilians were killed, twelve others were injured. The Turkish state abducted the slain and injured civilians to Reyhanli district of Hatay.

On the other hand, our forces monitored a group of Sultan Mihemed El-Fatih members who wanted to plunder the village of Baflorê. Four vehicles were targeted and the gang members in them killed.

Also near the village of Celemê, a Turkish military vehicle was targeted and destroyed by our forces.


The front of Sera was bombed throughout the night. The bombardment targeted mainlye Sina/Sinkerlî, Berava, Kefer Cenê and the district center of Shera. In addition, airstrikes were carried out on the villages of Kefer Cenê, Sînka/Sinkerlî, Çema, Xeraba Şera and Baflonê.

Fierce clashes in Baflonê and Çemayê villages continue unabated. Our forces have destroyed two BMB type vehicles in these villages and killed at least 16 jihadists.

In Baflonê a military vehicle was destroyed with those in it at 10.00 clock. At noon a DShK-mounted vehicle was destroyed. Fierce clashes in the village continue.

In the morning, positions of the Popular Forces of the Syrian army were bombarded by Turkish fighter jets.

At midday, Turkish fighter jets began to bomb the village Mişelê. At least five civilians were killed, others were injured as attacks are still ongoing.