Locals sheltered in Afrin not leaving the city despite attacks

Hundreds of thousands of locals who were forced to seek shelter in Afrin due to the Turkish state’s savage attacks with warplanes and heavy weaponry against the canton, are determined to not leave the city despite the threat of massacre.

Hundreds of thousands of local people in districts and villages of Afrin were forced to leave their homes and take shelter in Afrin city centre because of the bombardments by the Turkish state and allied terrorist groups that target civilian settlements with warplanes and heavy weaponry. The displaced locals are hosted by the residents of Afrin in their homes and they are determined to not leave the city despite the threat of massacre.

Amid growing problems after water and power was cut off due to the ongoing attacks, needs of the displaced locals are met by communes and local assemblies. 3-4 families are settled in every house and inhabitants of the city share all they have with the displaced.

The displaced locals state that they had to leave their homes as Turkish warplanes and heavy weaponry targeted their living areas directly, and stress that they will not move to another place despite the probability of a massacre. They, instead, say that their villages will be liberated again and they will return home. They vow that they will not abandon their living areas to the invaders even it costs them their lives.