Internationalist in Afrin: We will continue to resist

Fighting in Afrin, internationalist Helin said that she learns of great strength and morality from the resistance in Afrin: "We will resist the Occupation Army and its fighters to the end."

With the revolution in Rojava and northern Syria, people from many countries of the world came to the region and took their place in the revolutionary struggle and defense of the region.

Internationalist Helin is from Germany. She explains that the power-oriented system suffocates the various identities, but that in Rojava a life outside the state is lived.


Helin participated in the operation "Cizirê Storm" against the Islamic State (ISIS). Now she participates in the defense of Afrin against the Turkish state and its jihadist militias. Helin explains that she has learned the true meaning of freedom in the ranks of the Women's Defense Units (YPJ): "The freest women in the world are the YPJ fighters. These women are in an unprecedented opposition to terrorism and, at the same time, to the patriarchal system."

Helin emphasizes that the Turkish state is one of the most fascist states in the world. "The Turkish state is killing the Kurds, who have taken their liberty against the Baathist regime in their own hands. The Turkish state is attacking the power that protects the whole world from the ISIS. In Afrin there is a historic resistance in the unity of the peoples against fascism and the second largest army of NATO, "said Helin.