International protection demanded for people’s return to Afrin

Hêvî Mistefa, co-chair of Afrin Canton administration, calls for international protection for the return of the civilian population. The "Afrin Council" founded by the Turkish state is a "betrayer's council", she said.

Hêvî Mistefa, co-chair of the Canton of Afrin, told ANF about the situation of the civilian population fleeing to Shehba due to the Turkish military invasion of and the actions of the YPG/YPJ in the second stage of the resistance after the evacuation of the population. Mistefa demands international protection for the return of people fleeing from Afrin. Remarking that the international community is silent on the occupation of Turkey, she says; "We want the population to return under the supervision of an international delegation."

In particular, the United Nations (UN) stands by and watches the Turkish occupation, Hêvî Mistefa continues. "After a 58-day resistance, we decided to evacuate the population to Shehba for their own protection. However, Shehba is just a small area where the opportunities to live and work are limited. Hundreds of thousands of people who had to leave Afrin only with the clothes they were wearing are now living here in very difficult conditions. So far, we have received no support from any international body. We are trying to meet people's needs only through the support of the peoples of northern Syria and the preparations we had already made."

Dozens of letters written to the UN

I wrote several letters to the UN, but did not receive a reply, continues Hêvi Mistefa. The people of Afrin need first and foremost not water and bread, but the prospect of being able to return to their homeland. "The international community, especially the United Nations, has done nothing for the people of Afrin, either at the time they were in Afrin, or now in Shehba. I wrote dozens of letters to the UN myself, but did not receive a single answer. Two days ago, a UN delegation arrived and asked for our needs. But it's not about bread, water or blankets. People say that they can endure hunger, thirst and cold. However, they want to be able to return to their homeland under the protection of the United Nations. For this, they demand pressure be exerted on the Turkish state.”

International protection required

The people from Afrin have certain demands for a secure return to their homeland, explains Hêvî Mistefa. "The Turkish state and allied terrorist groups have wanted to occupy Afrin for a long time. The Turkish state itself is the main source of terror in the region. Nevertheless, it tries to sell the occupation as a 'fight against terror'. We have always denounced that their intent is to occupy part of Syria and split Syria. The current settlement of members of Islamist gangs in Afrin shows that we were right. We want the population to be able to return to their homeland under the supervision of an international delegation. That's one of our main demands."

Forced Islamization and looting

Among the practices of the Turkish state in Afrin is the forced Islamization of the non-Muslim population, the looting of property and the capture of people, says Hêvî Mistefa. "The Turkish state and its gangs are doing a very bad and dangerous job in Afrin. It is well known that Afrin was a place where people of different backgrounds and faiths lived together peacefully. Currently, the people who stayed in Afrin are under very heavy pressure. Their property is confiscated, their honor is violated and Ezidis are forced to visit the mosque. Unfortunately, all this happens without objection being raised. "

Council of Traitors with Turkish tanks

Hêvî Mistefa continues commenting on the council that the Turkish state has put together from jihadist gangs. According to Mistefa, "It is a" betrayal council" that appeared with Turkish tanks in Afrin." Perhaps it would be worth talking about if its members were people who really come from the population and lived in Afrin, instead of worrying about their personal profit in the hotel lobbies in Istanbul. However, these people did absolutely nothing for the population and only came to Afrin with Turkish tanks. Therefore, it is nothing but a betrayer's advice."

The resistance continues

Kurds must continue their fight for Afrin worldwide, explains the co-chair of the canton. "The actions of Turkey must be denounced everywhere. It must be made clear that this is an invasion. Our resistance continues. Afrin fought for all of Kurdistan. If we are unable to stop the Turkish invasion, all of Kurdistan is in danger. Erdoğan has become a major threat to the entire world. Global silence encourages him. He is pursuing great Ottoman illusions and does not want to acknowledge that the world has changed and that the Kurdish people are not the same anymore. Erdoğan's illusions will definitely be brought to an end this year. "