Gökhan Taşyakan martyred in Rojava

DKP constituent congress delegate and Central Committee member Gökhan Taşyakan (Ulaş Adalı) has been martyred.

The Revolutionary Communards Party (Devrimci Komünarlar Partisi - DKP) constituent congress delegate and Central Committee member Gökhan Taşyakan (Ulaş Adalı) has been martyred.

DKP issued a statement and said: “Comrade Gökhan was one of our leader cadres who laid the foundations for our party and the BÖG [Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri - United Freedom Forces]. BÖG was born in Kobanê. BÖG’s foundation was laid by Gökhan Taşyakan, Aziz Güler and other now immortalized comrades. Comrade Gökhan also served as the commander for our Kobanê unit. He spent all his energy in building the Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement which is the concrete expression of the unity in struggle for the Kurdish people and the peoples of Turkey.”

The statement continued with the following:

“The master fighter of protests, barricades and clashes, he lived as a young ew revolutionary distant from all vanity, he was an example with his humble character. Gökhan was a militant fighter, and a leading revolutionary for all ideological, political and organizational issues in Turkey’s revolution. He was among the founders of the revolutionary break line and the fighting identity of the DKP and was an exemplary comrade who reflected all these in his own character.

We are in the battle grounds for revolution, where the world’s fight for freedom and socialism continues head to head. We are aware of the weight of our losses. Fighting and dying in these lands where the truth and history call us, we are fighting for the emancipation of Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Syriacs, Turkmens, Êzidîs, all the peoples of the region. At the same time we are fighting against Turkey’s fascism, for Turkey’s revolution.

In today’s Turkey where social decay has smashed all bounds and hit absolute bottom, driving vital forces to a void, there is a growing need for leaders like Gökhan who will come forth with the revolutionary push. In his 38 years on earth, Comrade Gökhan built himself as a means for revolution and made his own history.

His history will light our way and continue to educate us.

We bow in respect for Comrade Gökhan’s character and history.”