Afrin students have ended their school year

Despite shortages the Autonomous Administration has guaranteed education for thousands of students.

Students from Afrin were deprived of their education rights due to the attacks carried out by the invading Turkish army and its mercenary allies.

The people of Afrin were forced to leave their houses and had to migrate to the Sherawa district of Afrin and Shehba on 18 March.

The Democratic Society Education Committee (KPC-D) immediately started to work to secure continuity in the education for the students from Afrin in Shehba and Sherawa.

As a result of these efforts, thousands of students have been able to study in schools opened in both zones and, after two months of education, the academic year has come to an end.

The KPC-D is preparing for the event celebrating the end of the school year.

KPC-D member Abraham Henan said: "After the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish army and the mercenaries, the people of Afrin had to migrate and we immediately started working to set up schools in the camps, villages and old schools in Shehba and Sherawa”.

Henan remarked that the opening of schools and securing continuation in education certainly had a positive effect on the psychology of the students.

He added that students are now preparing activities for the end of school year.