YPJ: The resistance of Kobanê has never surrendered to oppression

The YPJ general command statement on World Kobanê Day.

The YPJ general command issued a statement on World's Kobanê Day.

The statement said: "1 November is World Kobane Day, which was achieved with the united force of the people and in democratic ways. Kobanê became a clear message of resistance, that the people would not bow down to the oppression of the hegemonic forces that aimed to massacre and annihilate them."

The statement continued as follows: "In the light of the thoughts and philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan, the resistance of the Kurdish people has been achieved. With a spirit of selflessness, self-sacrificing and the joining of the people to the line of Abdullah Ocalan, the victory of Kobanê had been achieved. On this basis, we as the YPJ greet the leader of the democratic nation, Abdullah Ocalan, and again pledge our alliance. Abdullah Ocalan has made works and efforts that are so big and important for the fate of the peoples of the region, that they can not be put into words. If the world sees itself in the resistance of Kobanê, we also have to see that the biggest efforts that made this resistance possible have been made by Abdullah Ocalan himself. The Kurdish people in Kobane, all four parts of Kurdistan and the world stood up to the efforts of Abdullah Ocalan, and with their attitude of resistance and decisiveness have reached victory over ISIS in the Kobanê resistance.

Kobanê is the proof of the people’s hope. The victory of Kobanê represents the hope for the future of the Kurdish people and all people who demand democracy and freedom. We commemorate with all respect those martyrs who have not taken any steps back against the brutality of the time. Kobanê is a result of the efforts and the vanguard role of the YPJ, YPG, and internationalist fighters. On this basis, we salute the attitude of all commanders and fighters proudly and congratulate our people, women and all forces that have decided to develop democracy on the occasion of World Kobanê Day.

The world, which had been silenced against the fascist attacks, has raised its voice again in Kobanê with the vanguard role of women. ISIS has been sent into our region as a cover-up for all self-interested and exploitative forces. ISIS clearly expresses the brutality of all the global forces that want to destroy humanity as a whole. For this reason, all four parts of Kurdistan and all democratic and freedom-seeking forces in the world have seen the genocidal attacks against Kobanê less as a physical attack on geography and more as an attack against the values of humanity. Because they saw it as a resistance to the defense of the values of humanity, the women’s revolution that also started in Kobanê has become known as the defense of Kobanê and spread through the regions of North and East Syria.

The resistance of Kobanê, which has been reached through the vanguard role of women, has made it possible for humanity to take a step towards organizing itself for democracy. The defense of the homeland and society against the wave of fascism by the Kurdish youth has made it possible for a wave of freedom to come up, and all the forces that act under the cover of ISIS are covered under this wave. The ones who were the vanguard of the historical Kobanê resistance were Kurdish women. The vanguard role of women made it possible that Kobanê became the place and time that the belief in developing the system of a democratic nation grew. This hope has lit up the strengths and conviction of the whole world. With this, the resistance of Kobanê has become international and reached an internationalist level.

The revolution that has been achieved by making very valuable sacrifices is today and every day again under attack by the Turkish occupation state. Turkey, with its attacks from Kobanê to Afrin, Serekaniyê and Gire Spî continues its genocidal attacks without a break. The world that has spoken so much about the resistance of Kobanê  and the bravery of its people, that has been so influenced by this resistance, is now silent about the attacks of the Turkish occupation state. Kobanê, with its resistance against ISIS, had become the city of resistance for all democratic societies. But the same city is now facing attacks by the Turkish state that are more frightening than those by ISIS. To stay silent against this is to silently agree with these attacks. Who can make these attacks stop? The unity and resistance of women and people.

Today, what will make it possible to restrengthen all the resistance of the world against fascism is to be victorious in the defense and revitalization of the spirit of Kobanê. The resistance of Kobane has brought down the borders of nation-states. We commemorate our friends Rêvan, Arîn, Medya, Zehra, Gelhat, Herdem and many more whose efforts and resistance history can never make unseen. We commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution and promise to stand up for their aims. In the end, we call upon all of our people and the peoples of the world to say that making a free life possible will again be achieved by standing up for the resistance of Kobanê."