YPG: The Kobanê resistance makes us more determined to defend the Rojava revolution

The YPG said in a statement: "We draw from the International Day of Victory of the Kobani Resistance, more determination to defend the Rojava revolution."

The General Command of the People's Defense Units (YPG) issued a statement to mark 1 November, World's Kobanê Day.

The YPG said: "On this important and meaningful day, which marks the first of November, International Kobanê Day, we are proud of the heroes who made the Kobani resistance known to the world, their dedication and their sacrifices, with all reverence and respect. We remember our comrades Arin Mirkan, Revan, Gelhat, Paramaz Kazalbas and Herdem, and the resistance fighters of redemption in the Sarzori school. We are grateful to those people who have become a ring of defense around Kobani with their hard work and heroic resistance.They united with the freedom fighters and brought down the dark reactionary mentality of ISIS."

The statement added: "ISIS, which has become a major threat to humanity in this century in which we live, with the support of international and local forces, especially the occupying Turkish state, through unspeakable atrocities, massacres and genocide, wanted to destroy the hopes, dreams and beauty of human life.

The victory was achieved as a result of the 134-day resistance led by our forces YPJ and YPG in Kobanê against ISIS nine years ago, which no one dared to fight, like the reality of people who do not accept injustice, oppression, subjugation, slavery and captivity and want to be free. This resistance entered the pages of history. Humanity, which witnessed the resistance of the YPG and YPJ, stood alongside the freedom and honor fighters against the reactionary mentality of ISIS. By uniting the peoples and standing with Kobanê, it was not the city alone to be liberated. Rather, humanity revived its hope for life again, and light triumphed over darkness.Kobani became a graveyard for the dark mentality of ISIS and the last stone was placed on his grave in Baghouz."

The statement continued: "Today, the occupying Turkish state, the government of the AKP-MHP, represents ISIS, it uses and employs all its capabilities to liquidate and overthrow the Rojava revolution, which is considered the common heritage of humanity. Although the ISIS threat is not finished yet, the attacks by the Turkish state pose a danger not only to our region, but also to the world. The international forces remained silent in the face of the brutal attacks by the Turkish state because of their interests.

Before ISIS rises again, humanity must stand, which declared a general call and stood with Kobanê before 9 years ago for the sake of human values.This time it is necessary to embrace the Rojava Revolution, which is its own legacy, and show a stance against the dark mentality of the Turkish state.We, as the YPG and the YPJ on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of Kobanê we repeat our promise to our martyrs and our people to protect the Rojava Revolution against all kinds of attacks of fascism and backwardness and to preserve the gains of the Rojava Revolution."