YPG spokesperson Mehmud condemns Turkey's drone attack in Kobanê

YPG spokesman Nuri Mehmud reacted to the attack carried out by Turkey with a drone in Kobanê and said that international forces have approved the massacre against the Kurdish people by continuing to see in Erdoğan their interlocutor.

Three SDF fighters fell as martyrs in the attack of the invading Turkish army's drone on Kobanê on Saturday night.

Reacting to the attack on his Twitter account, YPG Spokesperson Nuri Mahmud said that the Turkish state continues the concept of a genocidal attack against the Kurdish people.

Nuri Mahmud said: “Once again, a massacre was carried out by the invading Turkish state against our people. Erdoğan wants to carry out the same edict against the Kurdish people living in Rojava as Hitler did against the Jewish people, just as the Turks massacred the Armenian people, and ISIS mercenaries carried out against the Yazidi people. What happened in Afrin, Gire Spi and Serekaniye are vivid examples of this policy. Continuing to consider Erdoğan as an interlocutor means approving the genocidal attack against the Kurdish people.”