Young people from Çilaxa demand airspace to be closed to Turkey warplanes

Young people from Çilaxa condemned the attacks of the Turkish state and demanded that the airspace be closed to Turkish warplanes.

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement organized a march to condemn the invading Turkish state's attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria in Çilaxa, province of Qamishlo.

Activists carried a banner saying ‘Close the airspace against the attacks of the Turkish state’.

Hogir Elî, a member of the Student Movement, made a speech at the end of the march. He said that the Turkish state wanted to invade the Syrian regions and added that the international silence actually encouraged Turkey.

Pointing out that the Turkish state is targeting especially the young people and students in an attempt to break their will, Hogir Elî called on young people in the region to stand against the Turkish occupation.

After the speech, the march ended with slogans chanting the removal of the Turkish state from Syrian territory.