Yazidis from Afrin: We will never surrender to Turkey

We will continue to resist until the occupation forces are driven out of our lands, say the Yazidi residents displaced from Afrin.

In their attacks with fighter jets and heavy weapons against Afrin that started on 20 January 2018, the Turkish army and allied mercenaries killed hundreds of civilians and forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands. The people of Afrin moved to the neighboring Shehba canton where they continue their resistance during the past two years.

Yazidis from Afrin who were also driven into flight, spoke to ANHA and stressed that they will continue to resist until their lands are freed from the invaders.


Êyşe Hiso who was displaced from the Jindires district stated that the occupation of Afrin was based on not only the decision of the Turkish state and mercenaries but also an international conspiracy. She said the invasion was aimed at eliminating the democratic nation project developed in the region.

“We are not terrorists. Our children have defended their lands against the occupation of the Turkish state and mercenaries,” she said.

Recalling that the Yazidis have suffered 72 genocidal persecutions (ferman) throughout their history, Hiso described today’s invasion and fascist practices in Afrin as yet another ferman.

Another Yazidi resident, Hemûş Xerîb, emphasized that they will never accept the invasion of their land, noting that the Turkish state has actively used ISIS and al-Nusra mercenaries in its fascist genocidal attacks in the region.


Şirîn Mihemed recalled that the Turkish forces and mercenaries have systematically committed inhuman practices against the people of Afrin such as abduction, looting and torture during the past two years.

Mihemed pointed out the resistance in Afrin and said: “We will never surrender to the Turkish state. Everyone must know it this way. Our resistance continues and will never end until Afrin and all other occupied areas are liberated from the occupiers.”

Tehsîn Şêxo and Sîdra Cabir stressed that the Turkish state tries to subject the Kurdish people to genocide under the pretext of “fight against terror” but still cannot make the people bow to them.

“Even if we are staying the camps now, we will continue to resist until the occupation forces are driven out of our lands,” they said.