We will resist until Afrin is liberated, say residents in Shehba

Afrin Canton Council held a march in Berxwedan Camp to protest the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

Afrin Canton Council held a march in Berxwedan Camp with the participation of the people of Fafin and Ehdas to protest the Turkish state's occupation of Afrin.

The march was followed by a rally. Residents held banner saying ‘No to the occupation’, ‘We will win with the spirit of the martyrs’ and ‘No to changing the demographic structure’.

The mass rally held in Berxwedan Camp square started with a minute's silence.

Speaking at the rally, Hêvin Elus, a member of the Afrin Martyrs' Families Council, condemned the Turkish state's attacks against the people of Afrin.

Stating that the people of Afrin are still resisting, Hêvin Elus said, “We resisted for 58 days. The Afrin resistance has written its name in history in golden letters.”

Serdem Camp Council Member Şoreş Isa said: “The Turkish state is still committing crimes against the people of Afrin. They play with the demographic structure. Our struggle will continue until Afrin is liberated."