Turkish military activity on the border with Derik

Turkey has been sending a reconnaissance convoy on the border with Derik, one of the Democratic Autonomous Administration areas in the North and East of Syria.

The invading Turkish army and MIT convoy was sent to the Derik border, one of the Democratic Autonomous Administration areas in North and East Syria.

The 14-vehicle convoy by the Turkish army and the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) was spotted on 25 January at 2:15 pm at the Beravê border with the city of Derik in Rojava.

According to the information obtained from sources in the region, the invading Turkish state has sent the convoy at the border to prepare the ground for a new attack.

The convoy reached the border triangle between Turkey, Syria and Iraq and met with soldiers from a military helicopter to the police station in the region of Silopi.

It was noted that the increase in military activity took place after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's threats and the meetings of Defense Minister Hulusi Akar with the Iraqi government and the KDP.