Woman injured along with her 4 children in Turkish attack: “Why are they attacking us so violently?”

Neime El-Mudhi was injured along with her four children in Turkish attacks near one of Russia's most important bases.

The invading Turkish state attacked a nomad family in the Qertac village in the south of Ain Issa yesterday (May 17) and injured a mother and four of her children. Neîme El-Mudhi and her four children were transferred to Raqqa's Wetenî Hospital for treatment.

While the children Ketale Elî El-Hemûd (6), Menhel Elî El-Hemûd (9), Ezra Elî El-Hemûd (10) and Hayîl Elî El-Hamûd (12) are still receiving treatment, Hayîl El-Hamûd's wounds are serious. He underwent backbone and abdominal surgery. According to the Wetenî Hospital, his situation is currently stable.

Mother Neîme El-Midehî spoke to ANHA about the attack and said the following: "We were in our tent in Qirtac village when we heard explosions. We rushed out of our tent and ran towards the desert. However, when we were running, a cannon ball wounded me and my children."

The woman stated that the locals transported them to the health center in Til Semin and that they were then referred to the Wetenî Hospital in Raqqa. She asked, "Why are they attacking us so violently? What did we do?"

Neime El-Midehî and her four children were targeted near one of Russia's most important bases. While the Turkish state continues to attack the region, Russia and the other international powers remain silent.