Wise men in Qamishlo and Hesekê condemn silence of international community about Turkish attacks

Wise community leaders from Qamishlo and Hesekê condemned the silence of the international community about the Turkish attacks.

The wise community leaders of Qamishlo and Hesekê condemned the attitude of the international community, who remains silent about the special war policies carried out by the occupying Turkish state against the peoples of North and East Syria. The wise community leaders emphasized that it is unacceptable for the world to allow millions of people to be dehydrated in Hesekê.

The wise community leaders spoke in separate meetings in Qamishlo and Hesekê and said that the international community should take action to stop the attacks of the Turkish state in the region.

The statement in Hesekê was read by Council member Mehmûd El Nezal who reminded that the Turkish state is leaving nearly one and a half million people without water. Nezal added that access to the water of the Euphrates River should be granted as per agreements.

The statement in Qamishlo was read by General Coordinator Hewas Cidê who condemned the brutal attacks of the Turkish state on the region. Cidê called on the UN Security Council and the Arab League to stop the attacks of the Turkish state.