"We will resist the invaders to the end"

Condemning the Turkish state's attacks on the region, Syrian Future Party Spokesperson for the Deir ez-Zor Women's Bureau, Hiyam Mahmut Al Ahmed, emphasized that they will resist the invaders to the end.

While the invading Turkish state continues its attacks on the Ain Issa region, the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria expose the silence of the international forces in the face of the increasingly ongoing attacks.


Making evaluations about the attacks, Al Ahmed said: “8 years ago, the Free Syria Army, al-Nusra and ISIS gangs supported by the invading Turkish state committed crimes against women. However, women gained their rights as a result of the struggle of the Syrian Democratic Forces, liberation of the region and the struggle of women. Now the Turkish state wants to invade our region to draw new Ottoman borders. As the Syrian peoples, we reject the Turkish state's invasion attacks on our lands. We condemn the UN's silence on this. We will resist the invaders to the end.”