Unidentified war planes target a Turkish military base near Ain Issa

Unidentified war planes targeted a Turkish military base near the northern Syrian city of Ain Issa and other targets in Turkish-occupied Azaz.

Several air strikes targeting Turkish positions in Turkey-occupied territories in northern Syria were carried out on Friday night. Unidentified fighter planes targeted a Turkish base near the villages of Seyda and Muelek, close to Ain Issa. A little later, air strikes were also reported from the occupied region around Azaz.

The villages of Muelek and Seyda are located on the strategically important M4 highway and have been the target of Turkish attacks and invasion attempts for months. So far, all attacks have been foiled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). There are suspicions that Russia could be behind Friday's air strikes on the Turkish base. The attack could represent a warning to Turkey to stop its attempt to expand south.