Turkish Lira replaces Syrian Lira in occupied Azaz city

The occupant Turkish state has accelerated the “Turkification” activities in the areas in has occupied in Syria.

Having already changed the names of places, appointed district governors and opened post offices in the occupied areas, the Turkish state is now banning the use of Syrian Lira in the regions it has invaded in violation of international law.

According to reports, the Turkish state and allied mercenaries have decided to ban the Syrian Lira in Azaz, which was chosen “pilot area” for the practice.

The Turkish-controlled Azaz Local Council has banned the use of 2,000 Syrian Lira banknotes in Azaz and its villages at the first stage.

The Turkish-controlled “Syrian Transitional Government Head” Abdurrahman Mustafa shared a relevant post on social media following his meeting with the Governor of Urfa the day before.

Mustafa stated that 5,10 and 20 Turkish Lira banknotes have been placed on the market in the place of Syrian lira.