‘Turkish escalation is a declaration of war’

Emine Ose condemned the recent Turkish attacks on North and East Syria and the international silence, stressing that "Turkey's recent attacks force us to respond."

During the past few days, the Turkish occupation state launched violent attacks on separate areas in North and East Syria, targeting residents and service facilities with all kinds of light and heavy weapons, leaving martyrs and wounded.

Emine Osê, Co-Deputy Chair of the North and East Syria Autonomous Administration Executive Council, spoke to ANHA about the increasingly ongoing attacks, saying, “The Turkish attacks on the regions of North and East Syria indicate that the Turkish occupation state defies all objectors while the silence of international powers represent complicity in the crimes committed across the region.

Osê stressed that, "We in the Autonomous Administration do not consider these attacks an escalation, but rather a war declared by Turkey. The international community in general should take this aggression seriously and take the necessary measures and stop Turkey. The responsibility lies with the countries involved in the Syrian crisis, especially those on the Syrian lands.”

Pointing to the recent deadly attacks which have claimed more and more lives, she continued, "They must express an honest and serious stance against the 17 August attack, which resulted in many martyrs and wounded, including children, women and the elderly, and targeting of service facilities. This is a terrible violation of the security of North and East Syria and the sovereignty of Syria in general."

Remarking that Turkey has also shelled bases of Syrian regime forces, Osê said, “The Damascus government should act seriously against these attacks. On the other hand, we call upon the residents of North and East Syria to remain on their lands.”

Osê pointed out that, “Through a series of meetings with regional and international powers, Turkey tried to obtain approval in order to achieve its expansionist goal in occupying the areas of North and East Syria, When it, however, did not work, Turkey resorted to bombings by UAVs, through which many war crimes are committed. The Turkish government seeks to strike the Autonomous Administration project and has not abandoned its expansionist ambitions in the region.”

Osê called on the people of North and East Syria to remain in their areas and to resort to the safe places prepared by the autonomous administration as part of the measures taken against the bombing of any region in North and East Syria.

"The Autonomous Administration will not remain silent about these violations but will document all violations and crimes and bring those responsible to account,” she added.

Osê stressed that, "With these attacks on North and East Syria, Turkey forces us to respond legitimately to these attacks, which is not something we want. Yet, if Turkey continues to declare war and target our areas, our military forces will use their legitimate right to self-defense."

Osê concluded her speech by saying, "Despite all the previous appeals, world opinion and the international community do not do their part. For this reason, we ask them once again to fulfil their duty towards the regions of North and East Syria and to take the repercussions of these attacks seriously."