“Turkey wants to revive ISIS with the ‘safe zone’ excuse”

Politician Sikri Hemo said the Turkish state aims to transfer out their domestic crisis and to revive ISIS with the “safe zone” they are attempting to set up in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Central Committee Member Sikri Hemo spoke about the safe zone the invading Turkish state wants to set up in North and East Syria. Hemo said Turkey is using the safe zone as an excuse to invade the region and stressed that they wish to invade the region and revive ISIS in the area to be set up.


Hemo mentioned the Turkish state’s military and logistical support for ISIS: “The end of ISIS goes against Turkey’s interests, as they aimed to achieve their regional goals through the ISIS gangs. The invading Turkish state threatens to invade North and East Syria, to activate ISIS cells and revive the organization.”


Hemo stressed that the only goal of Turkey’s “safe zone” initiative is invasion:

“Turkey can form a safe zone within their own lands. North and East Syrian people are not a threat to Turkey. There has never been an attack against Turkey from the Autonomous Administration territory. The invading Turkish state fears the democratic experience in North and East Syria. As such, they want to destroy the Autonomous Administration experience with all their resources.”

Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party Central Committee Member Sikri Hemo stressed that the region’s people will never accept Turkish invasion: “The people will defend their lands with their democratic experience:”