Turkey’s mercenary groups continue to cut down trees in Afrin

Turkey-backed mercenary groups have cut down hundreds of more trees in Afrin.

Inhumane crimes and ecocide continue in Afrin, which has been occupied by the Turkish state and its mercenaries since 2018.

It is reported that Firqet El-Hemzat mercenary group affiliated with the invading Turkish state cut down 15 olive trees owned by a person named Ewfa Subhi and 5 olive trees of a local named Shiraz Nasan in the village of Tilife in the Jindires district.

On the other hand, the Sultan Murad mercenary group cut down 12 trees owned by Mihemed Fewzî Xelîl, 12 trees owned by Mistefa Xelîl and 12 trees owned by Ziyad Xelil in the village of Berav in the Shera district.

In Der Siwan village of the Shera district, the same mercenary group uprooted 200 olive, almond and pine trees owned by a person named Henan Semo Ebudan.

Moreover, tens of trees around the military base in the Mabata district were cut down by the Sultan Murad mercenary group.

The invaders have cut down more than 5,000 trees in Afrin since the beginning of the year.