Turkey destroys hundreds of houses for building the Afrin wall

The Turkish state is fortifying the occupation of Afrin in order to separate it from the rest of Syria. Hundreds of houses have now been demolished in the villages of Cilbir and Kimar in Sherawa and in the village of Meryemin in Shera.

The Turkish state is trying to consolidate its occupation of Afrin. To separate the region from the rest of Syria and to prevent the infiltration of resistance units, the Erdoğan regime is building a wall around the canton.

The wall section near Sherawa is now 1600 meters long and three meters high. It is extended from the villages of Kimar and Cilbir in Sherawa to the Meryemin village in Shera.

Hundreds of houses have already been demolished in the villages on or near the border with Turkey and Turkish military bases have been built in their place.