Turkey-affiliated mercenaries kidnap 20 people in Afrin in October

Syria-Afrin Human Rights Organization spokesperson, Îbrahîm Şêxo, said that 20 people were kidnapped in October and that the deployment of HTS in Afrin is a farce.

Syria-Afrin Human Rights Organization spokesperson, Îbrahim Şêxo, spoke to ANHA about the violations of rights in Afrin in October. Stating that after Afrin was occupied in March 2018, paramilitary forces linked to Turkey committed all kinds of inhumane crimes against people, Şêxo said: “They kidnap, blackmail and murder people. They destroy nature and cut down trees. They implement policies to change the demographic structure in the region through structures under the name of charity.”

20 citizens kidnapped in October

Stating that 20 people, including 2 women, were kidnapped on unfounded accusations in October, Şêxo said: "The invading Turkish state's intelligence and mercenaries kidnapped 20 more people in order to scare the people and take ransom from them." Şêxo said that Turkish paramilitary forces withheld taxes from the olive harvest and confiscated olive crops in Raco and Bilbilê districts.

Şêxo drew attention to the spread of the Hayat Tehrîr Al-Sham mercenaries (Front al-Nusra) in Afrin and called it a farce that took place on the orders of Turkey. Şêxo drew attention to the crimes of the Hayat Tehrîr Al-Sham mercenaries and said: “They deduct taxes from the olive harvest under the name of zakat. They also take ransom and demolished religious tombs in the Canton."

Stating that with the start of the olive harvest season, groups affiliated with Turkey applied a tax cut of 40 to 65 percent, he said: “In some villages of Shera district, citizens did not want to collect their olives, but the gangs forced them to collect them in order to get 65 percent tax from them. Olives collected in the village of Elî Caro in Bilbilê district were delivered to Siqûr El Şemal mercenaries.”

Stating that the tax rates and the seizure of lands have increased, Şêxo said: "The delegation of Tehrîr Al-Sham and the gangs affiliated with the invaders cancelled the procuration of the citizens who were forcibly displaced from Afrin."