Thousands of people in Dirbesiyê and Zirgan protest the Turkish invasion attacks on South Kurdistan

Thousands of people in Dirbesiyê and Zirgan protested the Turkish state's invasion attacks against South Kurdistan and the involvement of the KDP in the attacks.

In Dirbesiyê and Zirgan, the people marched against the occupation and the KDP betrayal. Protesting the Turkish state's invasion attacks on South Kurdistan, the people reacted sharply to the stance taken by the KDP on the attacks.

HPG flags and a banner reading “Pride march against occupation and treason” were unfurled in the march that started at the Free Women's Square in Dirbesiyê. During the march, slogans saluting the guerrilla resisting against the Turkish state were chanted.

A rally was held in front of Kongra Star premises. Speaking on behalf of Kongra Star at the rally, Edalet Ömer said that they stand with the guerrilla resisting in the mountains of Kurdistan. Underlining that they will continue to resist occupation and betrayal, Edalet Ömer said that Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan has foiled all the plans of the invaders.

Ömer said that what the enemy is trying to do is destroying the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan through isolation and called on the Kurdish people to support the guerrilla.