Syrian Democratic Council holds meeting in Raqqa to discuss Turkish attacks

The Turkish state's attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria, their effects and the ways to counter this war were discussed at a workshop in Raqqa.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) held a meeting in Raqqa about the Turkish state's attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria, their effects and the ways to prevent attacks. MSD members, opinion leaders in Raqqa, political party members, women's institutions and organizations as well as intellectuals were present at the meeting.

MSD General Relations member Jiyan Mela Elî drew attention to the attacks by the Turkish state, the importance of responding to them, and the importance of recognizing the political situation for the establishment of a democratic system.

Afterwards, MSD Presidential Board member Hesen Mihemed Elî evaluated the political situation in the region and said: “The Turkish state is planning to intervene in Syria in order not to repeat the mistake it has made in Iraq since the beginning of its project in the region. That's why the Turks say they made a mistake by not intervening in Iraq, and now they are planning to intervene in Syria."

Eli said that the Turkish state has supported the Muslim Brotherhood since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and tried to control the situation, and pointed out that extremist groups took the Turkish border under their control and then opened their doors to the Turkish state for their interests.

Participants also shared their views on the political situation.

Political History Researcher Mihemed El Izo said: “The war waged by the invading Turkish state is not a Turkish war, it is a Turan war. When Atatürk came, he forced all the nations in Turkey into a single one, the Turkish one. Now, the Turkish state is prolonging the life of the conflict in Syria for its own interests in cooperation with major countries.”

Ebdurehman El Elî, President of the Raqqa Intellectual Union, said: "We must strengthen ourselves internally and recognize the important points to resist difficulties."